Member Questions 8-4-23

Roxanne S

I watched your video. Our 8 week old puppy on day 3 barks incessantly. What do I do?

Lauren K

Hi Robert, 

I have a 2 year old intact female Malinois. She is my joy, absolutely everything I could ever ask for in a dog – biddable, engaged, driven and always giving me 100% in everything we do. 

Now that she is two and fully matured, my vet has been inquiring about when I would like to have her fixed. I have no intention of breeding her, but I’m worried that fixing her will change/alter her energy and drive. At the same time, I worry about the increased risk of mammary cancer or Pyometra if I don’t. 

Do you have any advice?

Lina T

Hello Robert Janet. Please explain what bloat does to dogs. I have heard few horror stories so I prevent meal times for Harpo after a hard play and wait for her to settle down least 30 minutes before I feed her. How would I know Harpo’s got bloat and what can I do? I heard it takes only minutes for a dog to die of bloat; most common in larger breeds. I also heard that bloat can happen after drinking a lot of water too fast.I’ve heard a lot of different explanations so I try to follow them all.Please educate us on bloat. And Janet, we’ve been having lots of fun with agility exercises.

Angela S

I have a 1 1/2 old male Cane Corso, intact, that gets moderate exercise daily (105 lbs). I also have a 7-year-old, female, fixed, Siberian Husky (70lbs). We really want to feed our dogs a raw food diet, but the pre-made stuff is too expensive. Could you direct me to some good resources that would provide recipes with the right proportions of meat and veggies, and how much to feed daily? I am at a loss of where to start. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

Nikki L

Hi Robert. I have a puppy who sleeps in the bed because I have Anxiety and she is my ESA. I want to make sure I do everything right to give her the happiest life. In the morning she gets so excited and jumps on my face and stomach and hurts me. If I say “no” it’s attention but also I don’t know how to correct this behavior. I’ve done a simple collar grab until she’s calm but then she starts again. She gets on the floor and jumps at my feet as I get up. She has a jumping problem and does the same if I try to put a leash on her to take her out. she jumps on anything even when I act calm.

Robert P

Hi Robert, I recently joined and have followed your work for years. I’ve recently got a 4 month old border collie and brought him home. We have a 10 year old Yorkie as well and have had a little trouble with the new puppy wanting to ‘herd’ and nip at our older dog.We have a gate between the kitchen, where new pups crate is, and the living room so have been slowly introducing them together but when both in garden or on walks, the pup continues to ‘herd’ and nip at older dog. I was wondering if you have any tips that can help them get along and be comfortable with each other. Thank you! 


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