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Luritha m

Hi Robert. We communicated about 2 years ago re tracking training. I recently got a Border Collie at 7 months age to be a partner for Kiera during the day. She is lovable and super clever. However very jealous. She nips at Kiera, not only when I give attention to Kiera, but we we exercise. When I throw the ball 4 Kiera as a reward & to fetch, she runs alongside and nip at Kiera’s face. Kiera is so task oriented, that she does not bite back. How can I stop the nipping?

Roy H

My 1.5 yod Belgian male. Un-altered, has a staring issue. If on a walk and he sees a person or animal. He will stop and sit and watch them till they are out of sight. No barking, lunging or whimpering. No aggression. He has even heeled backwards to watch people behind me. Is this an obsessive compulsive behavior I need to stop? I talked to the breeder. He said the father had the same traits. Father was a working dog.

Albin O

Hi Robert, How often and when do you let your dog off leash? Thank you.


Hi, my dog is not comfortable around other dogs, he will lunge at them, I am not sure if he will actually bit, I don’t want to take that chance. Do you think if I muzzle him it will help, so that we can at least go for walks and I don’t feel nervous about meeting other dogs on the way. Many thanks


Hi Robert when I went to do leash reactivity training outside the dog park, I had my dog sitting on the back of the ute with lead near where his crate and water bowl are and someone walked past and and there dog was on a leash but was about to jump on my ute and my dog snapped at it. Is that more a protection over his crate or is that leash reactivity?I’m not sure if he would snap if he greets another dog on leash because I don’t let him to stop his reactivity but is fine at daycare with dogs.


What kind of breed-specific “job” would your recommend a nervous/sharp Boston Terrier? He loves playing fetch with a frisbee and treat hide-n-seek, but still fights nervousness around our 3-year-old twin girls. We walk him nearly every day, but training frequency is less regular. It’s not easy to make it all happen with young twins but we want the best we can do for our Boston Terrier. Is there a job that plays off his natural instincts that can help? Keep up the good work.


Hey Robert, can you explain me how exactly are dogs domesticated from wolves? Comparing a working line malinois or german shepherd to a wild wolf, how is that domesticated? Both have prey drives and other stuff, what is different? Could you not get a puppy(no idea how you call a baby wolf) wolf and train it like protection dog?

oldsap Charlie

Hi Robert, I’m doing this new heel position pattern with my 1.5yr old Mal. He has almost gotten the pattern after a few sessions but I don’t know how to make it faster and snappier.

Here is a sample video of our session:

Thank you for your time Robert and God Bless.

Lisa L.

When my dog was 6 months-1 year he was introduced to other family dogs and gets along wonderfully with them. He is 2 1/2 now and starting to show aggression towards other dogs (on walks, newly adopted puppies in the family…) He has basic obedience (sit, down, touch, paw, stand, etc) and will be obedient when he is removed from the stimulus. Could his high prey drive be the reason we are beginning to see aggression? (He is a black mouth cur/lab mix.)


What is the best way to use a flirt pole during training? I’ve been using it to build drive (and occasionally cap drive) I own a 2 year old american bully with moderate prey drive


Hi Robert. First of all thanks for all your hard work. My Malinois pup is now a calm and lovely pup who can be around other people and dogs without reacting. However, we live in Bogota, Colombia, and there’s been reports of some members of security agencies and possibly the armed forces stealing Belgian Malinois to raise as working dogs. A trainer recommended not playing ball with her and showed me how easily she could be lured with a ball. Do you have any tips or training steps to prevent this?

Benjamin T

I live in a very busy area and cant walk out my door without my 4 month working line gsd seeing 5 skaters, bikers, ohh its a puppy people, etc. he barks at them and most days its so hard to avoid. I live in a small apt and take him out at least twice a day, but there’s always so much activity around him when were outside. He wears a martingale and pulls amidst it all. How do I know if the pulling is hurting him by damanging the glands in his throat?


Hey Robert, It’s been a rough week had to evacuate for Hurricane Ida. Evacuated with my 14-month Cocker Spaniel with me to a friends house. While there, my dog would constantly beg for food while we ate and would run to try to eat my friend’s dog food. My question is what do you recommend to fix this issue and have my dog show patience while we eat and the other dog eats? I had to put him in his crate but I don’t think this is fixing the problem. Still working on the Place Command. Thanks!

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