Member Questions 9-16-22

Lorenzo G

Hi Robert, I was wondering if you would share the titles of a few books related to training and/or canine behavior that you’ve found to be most beneficial to you?


Hi Robert I saw your video about growling. I would appreciate it if you could expend more how you handle it, when you choose to correct this behavior. what is the rand what mistakes to avoid. Is there a difference for you if it is towards the owner or towards guests? thanks


Hi, I got a Malinois Dog from my Ex Partner & no one found out his Problem 
If we go for a walk – sometimes he barks and screams at strangers & he won‘t cool down – 

But if he is allowed to say Hello to the strangers its ok! After it everything is good. 

It‘s not always – only sometimes and only if there are 1-2 persons – in a strange area 
Groups are no problems. I have his Favorite toy always with me, but in this Situation he doesn’t want his ball or treats


Hi, I have a 16 month old American bully XL. She is nervous when we go for walks and cross the road so will pull (this is our only route). Once we’re in the field, she’s fine either on lead or off lead. One of the paths in the field is roughly 10ft from cars so we can still hear the cars, etc. sometimes she will get scared when there is a loud bike or ambulance etc. but in general she fine. Do you think the fearful dog lesson is the best place to start to combat this?

Freya S

Hi Robert and Janet, thanks for all your advice so far. New question, how do you feel about crating an 8 month old mal-Rottweiler mix for a full day (8 hours), once a week, but with an hour walk in between with a dog walker. Due to health concerns my mom can no longer watch him wednesdays, and none of the doggy daycares in our neighbourhood will accept him either because of his size or his breed. We’ve tried confining him in a room but we don’t have doors yet, and he’s a regular Houdini. Thanks!


Hi Robert, love your vids! 
RRidgeback 2y/o 45kg intact male. Great with humans and female dogs.Bad with male dogs.If he encounters a male (large) dog, he starts barking(deep,scary barks) and tries to lunge at the other dog or he locks focus on the other dog, correction can set him off if small distance. Has low food and toy drive but loves playing with other dogs(pray drive?). He started showing this male aggression at ~9months old,then we limited his play with other dogs. How can I help my dog?


I wanted to thank you for your help. My Mal puppy was afraid of our vehicle and your advice absolutely worked! Thank you so much.


Hi Robert, thanks for all of your tips. I have a Lab/German Sheppard mix of a 7-month-old female puppy. I have had her since she was 9 weeks old and she’s never chewed on any books, magazines, furniture, etc. Nothing like this happened even when she was teething. This week she started to destroy the house. Chewing anything she can get. Her bed, our books, and couch. Nothing like this happened even when she was teething. What could of cause this kind of behavior change? Thanks

Martin S

Hi Robert, greetings from Austria! I rescued an amstaff mix two months ago. He is now almost 10 months old and we are training a lot (following your advice). About two weeks ago he began to pick up everything that lies on the floor or sometimes even off the table. We taught him “leave it” and he does leave it, but my question is how to teach him to actually stop picking everything up, without having to tell him that all the time. Thank you for your amazing advice

Kristina T

Hi Robert. We have a beautiful 15 week old female American Field Labrador. Willa has been increasingly acting “out of control” before her first feeding of the day, 6am. She of course is teething as well. We have loads of teething toys but trying to distract her with these at this hour is a mute point. She jumps, bites/nips, inconsolable. At this point also, she has been toiletted as well. Please help! Not a great way to start the day at 5:30am.I am up at this hour already preparing for the day.

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