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I have some issues with my 7 months old female german shepherd

For example, sometimes she just does not feel like it and will growl at me when im trying to put her collar on. Or recently she vomited and showed me teeth when I was trying to move her to clean it up. I know its not acceptable and this kind of agression towards the owner needs to be corrected but how? Should I always have her on leash in home and pop the leash? Scruff her neck? You told in your podcast you dont allow that but what does it mean? What does one do in this situation? Like physically, whats the correction.


Hello Robert, I’m unable to tell from the video if you are giving the piece of string cheese all at once or in increments during the basic commands (i.e., down, stand, and sit) training in which you use a table to train (brilliant idea, btw!). More questions to come- I’m training two female siblings, same litter. 4.5 months old.

Mary S

Robert, thanks for all the video and AMA help!  2 weeks ago, our 9 month Malinois started sucking on the soft bolster edge of his dog bed when not otherwise engaged in activity.  Our vet said to interrupt the behavior and get him to do other things (like training/chewing a Kong).  He also started running in circles around the kitchen island as we prepare his meals, so I have him sit and wait. He breaks and runs agai.These both seem a bit neurotic.  Do these behaviors concern you? We play ball with him 3-5 times a day in our large yard, do short training sessions and he plays hard with our GSD.


My new 11 month old Czech line GSD has basic obedience and is calm with my husband. With me, he gets very excited and tries to initiate play, jumps, play bites, grabs things in the house, etc. My corrections (2.25 prong) make him want to play more. I crate him again and wait for him to calm down, but that isn’t always an option. Do you have any guidance for reinforcing that I choose when we play? Thank you so much!


How do I hold a treat when training to keep my dog from bitting my fingers?


I went out of town and left my husky in the care of my boyfriend and his 16-year-old son who both live with my dog and me. I also raised exotic finches. They accidentally left a cage door open and my blueback Gouldian got and my dog killed him. I am back home now and never want that to happen again. I have an E collar, she is trained on it. Also if I leave to run errands I keep her in her crate. My bf works all day, his son in school and they left her to her own devices and let the bird get out. How do I train her so that she will never kill a bird again, even if I am not there?


I believe you have mentioned there are genetic markers for aggression.  If so, where can I have this done?  My vet never heard of it.  I’m in the metro Detroit Michigan area.  Thanks!


Hi Robert, I reached out to you on Instagram and you directed me here. I rescued my Belgian Malinois off the streets of Riverside 2 years ago. She was terrified of staircases elevators would bark aggressively at other dogs, people and anything with wheels. Now in present day she is come a very long way and has changed her behavior immensely. However, she is still fearful of other dogs and shows aggression toward them. Not all of them mostly big dogs. Yesterday I was bit by my girl and I just need to know if this means I need to let her go or if I have any hope in rehabilitating this Behavior. 


Hey Robert, I have a 5MO G.S. Not the 1st 1 Ive had so I know the importance of training & structure. I’ve been following along with your videos since he was 8 weeks old & he’s doing great. The problem I’m having is that he is extremely protective. I’m a single mom with 2 small kids, so I don’t want to discourage this behavior but in the instance of someone coming in our yard, onto our property or in our house I’m having a tough time getting him to understand that enough is enough. This is also the only time he won’t recall. He has a correction collar but don’t want to use it incorrectly. Help

Frank V

Been training my 8mo Aussie since getting her at 7wks and has learned some basics (down sit stand touch leave it out) my question is do I train what she knows daily and add something new till she knows it? I want nothing but the best for her and after watching many trainers videos I like yours the most. Thanks for all you do. Take care.

Martin C

I have a female 9 month old cane Corso I have her from when she was 3 months she is a good girl and I love her very much I have I have never hit her and she loves me and my wife. She is afraid of everything I also have a 8 year old pit bull male who is the dominant dog Ifeel bad for her I have been told that it is a genetic thing

Please help me I don’t know what to do for   Her The 2 dogs get along most of the time. 

Kathy T

  Been doing this since the 70s, and have encountered some real bad actors along the way. 

Question: When is “enough , enough” regarding (especially over the top bitch aggression) and livestock


When I say aggression, I am not talking about a bite/ roaring. 

Silent, immediate, pounce on target with

the intent to kill.  (ripping, tearing, full mouth) cannot be stopped by using hind leg method to pull / disengage

This is a GSD rescue, and I am at the end of my rope.  Otherwise, kind sweet with people.  She will go after any animal that moves

esp other females.

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