Member Questions 9-28-21

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Our neighbor’s 8mo GSD is outside most of the day and night. His constant barking is becoming a problem. What is your opinion about using a bark collar on an outside dog? Is it fair to the dog in an area with lots of deer, armadillo, squirrels, etc? I can work with the family to try to resolve it but have never had to deal with this myself. What recommendations do you have for controlling nuisance barking? Keeping the dog in the house is not an option for them. Thank you!

Nykki R

My Belgian Malinois is 5 months old and has started growling if you pet her when she is sleeping or she will even come up to me as if she wants to be petted and even if I don’t touch her she growls. Also if you try to pass by her and she is sleeping. I’m not sure what to do at this point because I’m starting to become afraid of her and she is only a puppy. I’m scared it’s going to get much worse once she’s older if I don’t do something about it now. What do you think can fix this situation?


hi, im after 5 trainers without progress my dog ridgeback mixed 2 yr. very positive with dogs off leash (high drive game). on leash very reactive towards other dogs. he know good obedience but when he sees other dogs (big dogs) he get excited and don’t listen. correction with prong, slip lead don’t make things better for me. my last trainer said i need to say “no” and correct with e collar high when dog first sign loading or bad staring and only after this to call him. your opinion. help please.


My GS is now 13 months old and about a week ago he started to jump at me and mouthing my arms again what is the best way to deal with this at this stage he’s a big boy at 42 kg . I don’t want this behaviour to go on for much longer my arms need a break thank you

Naomi K

Trying to train my 15 mo GSD with high prey drive for recall using E-collar and a long line. When she runs back towards me, often she sees the line bouncing in front of her and starts biting the line and gets herself tangled. She rolls over on the ground, which makes her more tangled. She tries to bite a regular leash too. With the leash though, after a few obedience commands with quick release & reward, she forgets about biting the leash, but with the long line, no luck so far. Suggestions?


I adopted my dog a month ago and he has a hard time letting me go anywhere without following me, or whimpering if left behind. I’ve given him time alone at the house for several hours, for several days (not in a row), I have him spend the day at other people’s houses twice a week, and I take him to the dog park everyday to socialize with other dogs. Is there anything I can do to keep him from being too obsessed with having to be attached to me at all times?


Robert – My male 18 month Mal/GSD has been doing great! We have great training sessions on the long line and 90 percent of the time he is great walking on the leash. However, certain dogs send him into a frenzy. I normally heal him and go in the opposite direction but the other day we did not have that option and he went nuts. Th hair on his spine stands up and that is how I can tell something is about to set him off. Any advice on what I can do to prevent this when I see the warning signs?

Donna G

Hi Robert, my husband bought a Dutch Shepherd from a Breeder in Kentucky USA. He was born July 1st, 2021. He was delivered to us in Monterey California on September 12th. His name is Ali. When exiting doors and not wanting to listen he jumps at us and bites. He holds on like dogs who have been trained on a sleeve for police work or military service. When we were interviewed by the breeder we specifically said we wanted Ali to be a family friendly pet. Is this normal for a Dutch puppy? How do I stop him?


I rescued a 2-3 year old Cattle Dog in the spring. He was massively reactive when I got him: totally flew off the handle whenever he saw another dog outside when on leash or in the truck, but doesn’t start fights when off leash. Some strong corrections initially got him over the strong reactivity. However, corrections seem to easily aggravate him now. The prong collar made him explode. Any advice for helping reactive dogs that are sensitive to pressure? Happy to pay for consultation on this one.

Nancy B

Hi Robert, Ozzy does this 1 or twice a day…we are outside mostly and he starts barking and charging me. Sometimes I can turn around and get inside and avoid him….I have given him my knee as he charges and it seems to get him more agitated. Mostly he’s a good boy, seems to be after dinner and then within about 1 hour he’s sound asleep….kind of like a toddler having a fit. Any advice would be welcome.

Cossette D

HI Robert thank you for your advice with my previous question re my dog becoming protective when in public “like it did not happen” has worked so well and we are now training for IPO 1.

My dog will complete a BH obedience routine as long as I have a ball (his drug) on me but I can not sneak it to someone else before entering the trial ring or work him with any drive when he knows I do not have it on me. Any tips for trial preparation with a dog that is just to smart for his own good, god bless

Deb S

Thank you!I don’t train dogs anymore expect my or families dogs.My first training on my wolfdog. Best dog ever. So to see you train dogs & more helping people train their dogs full a void in my heart.YouTube you did on the AVSAB you did was clear, professional and heartfelt argument. I’m so angry that people choose their ideals not reality. My first & best wolfdog would die in his youth. If a child is only told yes that child is losing half of their world.Dogs too.Thank you for saying the truth.

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