Member Questions 9-3-21

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Lisa C

Do you have any tips for training in stores? I’m starting with engagement training outside. Then go into the store briefly, he becomes nervous inside. I ask for short sits and break him (he has a hard time holding his sit so I want to ease into it) he seems to shut down with hard corrections so I try and set him up for success and use a nope or hay to re engage with little leash pops. We train at public parks daily. Theo is a 2yr Bully, he is neutral to dogs and people


I own two dogs that I take to an IGP club. My mal is 1 and makes no fuss if the other dog is taken out to be worked. My german shepard on the other hand, who is 5 months, will bark and scream if she doesn’t get taken out. She only barks when he is removed. Doesn’t matter if there crates are side by side, or one is in the vehicle, one in the back. No reaction to other dogs. They are kept separate 95% of the time as well so they are not overly bonded. How do I correct this?


Can you please recommend a long slip lead? My 15 months old GS pull like crazy, I did watch all your movies, great content, thank you! When she is in obedience mode she does great with heel, but when I am trying to walk her it is a constant fight. Walking her without a prong collar is impossible, but prong seems to drive her even more. Very much prey driven puppy. Thanks!


Hello. I have the luxury of space, living on a farm in South Africa. Normally I give my dogs the freedom to “just go”. With my new Mali pup, 15 weeks. A breed I have never had, I want to focus on training. I have started with recall, stay and yet to start to leave. My question is… should I keep him in the yard, and get these foundation skills in place before venturing out (on leash – which he pulls and bites). I want to start our journey on the right footing. Have a great weekend.

Chad T

Robert ..I just started volunteering at the County animal shelter…….youtube has little clips of videos….was wondering if you have more material you could share ……I’m the only volunteering dog trainer and novice at best…..trying to learn all I can…..such as when you get a dog…body language what are some thing you look for…….kinda a crash course with bound angels ….thanks for all you do

Daniel M

I plan on walking and training my puppy on the beach. What should I do if a stranger’s dog is not on a leash and attacks mine.Should I carry pepper spray.I don’t want my GS puppy to be scarred for life by being attacked by an unleashed dog.

Laura R

Hi Robert, My GSD will respond to commands such as “wait” instantly on a walk but I’m having issues with leash pulling. I have tried marking “easy” when she doesn’t pull but I have to resort to a correction if she starts to pull. I’m working on luring “heel” but it’s coming slowly since she is rough with my hand and I have to correct/pick a time of less excitement. Am I expecting too much with the leash at this age or can I do better? She’s on a martingale. Thank you for all you do!


My Anatolian does a great job keeping unwelcome guests off our property. But my neighbors just got a Belgian malinois puppy. They never used their property before so my dog isn’t used to seeing anyone on the other side of the fence, and he gets very mad when he sees the puppy. I can’t keep my dogs away from an entire side of our property, and I cant demand the puppy do the same from its own side when it grows up. I don’t want issues. Any tips on avoiding possible problems in the future?

John S

Hello I have an unfixed 3 year old Australian Sheppard/Shiba Inu mix male dog. Just in the last year he has been guarding randomly rooms or on some bones. Never would happen before. The rooms he would guard from other people other than me. But the other day I was bit for the very first time. I was not sure how to properly correct this issue or if it stems from him not being fixed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Robert! My neighbor has a 6 m/o Corgi he always walks around off leash outside. Because of that the dog constantly runs up to other dogs and people. He runs up to my mal, Loki all the time whether training, walking, playing, etc. I’ve made it clear that it is annoying but he never puts him on leash. Yesterday he followed us all the way home and ran in my house! Loki is friendly but it hypes him up and he tries to engage back. What’s the best way to react to this as far as controlling my dog?


I have a 10 month old Doberman who is shy, nervous, suspicious, and easily distracted. He will not take food (or toys) when he is in this state, which is the majority of the time we are outdoors. What can I do to help build his confidence? Thank you!!


Hello Robert,

1; How to correct a dog when he is already barking aggressively at other dogs ? Should I use “leave it“ or just walk the opposite direction and correct at the end of the leash?

2. When I give him the sign for the little “Break“ for pee and sniff etc. on a walk, can he do what he wants, i.e. go on, sniff and forget about me?


Hi Robert, our 6 mo old irish setter cross puppy has always been happy and confident in new situations but this week has suddenly become anxious and fearful for no reason that we can figure out. it’s like someone flipped a switch overnight. She’s acting skittish and clingy even at home and in familiar situations. I’ve heard that this can be a phase they go through around this age, but its hard to watch. How would you deal with this to help her move past this new anxiety? Thanks!


Thanks for all the help so far! I got my puppy three weeks ago and have only been hand feeding, shaping and working on all the puppy class stuff.

How do you handle a puppy getting aggressive and too bitey? I take him off with a firm no but it just invites more unwanted biting. If I distract with a toy he seems to think it’s a reward. Also how do you take a puppy out to socialize if you don’t have any control? It’s too much distractions, the training goes out the window but he needs the exposure now?


I have a 7MO Vizsla puppy. She’s very alert and independent for her breed, so sometimes I have trouble keeping her attention with food (she’s not toy motivated). We play the light game, we do engagement, etc. On our walks I ask for sits, looks and touchs. But as soon as I say Yes and reward, her attention is everywhere but me. She doesn’t focus on me while awaiting commands unless we’re inside the apartment. The moment we step out, that’s gone. How can I build her focus between commands?

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