Member Questions 9-30-23

Scott B

Hi Robert, 11 week old Malinois puppy. She is from an exquisite breeder. She is my 3rd Malinois, my current adult is titled IGP1 and onto 2. The puppy, immediately when she came home at 8 weeks, began demonstrating severe resource guarding, with things she finds. Not food as from minute 1 I have hand fed her teaching obedience and to love her crate. The breeder thought she was sick, she’s been treated. She has since bitten my mother in law, a 5 year old child and me. She is only 11 weeks old! Is there hope? I have a toddler at home. A sister ( not mine) is showing same behavior heartbroken


My Mal was “emergency, 2 Days Only” with new owner on the way- he never showed nor could we find a home. I’d never heard of this breed nor was I ready for a dog (no yard, recent divorce, need to restart life & business…) I essentially stopped ALL for this sweet, but Incredibly Anxious dog…not sustainable, but she was happy&good w me & other dogs- but bit my neighbor then another person. I have No Idea what to do: 

Send to JetSetPets for 6wks (just worried way to timid for eCollar, etc)? 

Rehome w female military vet who has ptsd++ 

Try local trainers? ANY advice? Do you do in person training?

Jordan M

I was wondering if you had any videos on getting a puppy to stop barking at people when they come home for the first time the day or when like a kid is acting like a kid. I feel like I am just missing how to correct the puppy for this behavior. No biting, just seems to be getting overly excited and then jumping on people and/or barking.

Lisa K

Hi Robert and Janet. I have been taking my dog-reactive GSD to weekly group training for the last 5 months. He is 18 months old. We are usually stationed off at the side of the room because he is so reactive. He will lunge at dogs if they get close. The trainers will take his lead and walk him through the class and he doesn’t act out. They’ve told me many, many times I need to be calm and not let him feel my stress. That is so hard to do, especially if he’s just lunged at another dog (I do muzzle him). How do I overcome this? I feel like I’m failing him. Thank you for any tips or advice! Lisa


Hi Robert! I have a 7 month old malinois. He gets several sessions a day of obedience training, play, and walks outside. But from time to time he gets overstimulated inside the house after doing these activities. He’ll roll his ears back, tuck his tail, hug the floor, and goes into full turbo mode running around the house. I try to divert him with food, toy, or command but it doesn’t have an effect. Do I keep trying to divert his attention or is it a time for correction? He usually stops after 30 seconds. He’s crate trained and is in the crate when not interacted with. Thanks a bunch!


I have watched all of your aggression vids, so I realize my somewhat unsure, dog is still reactive/aggressive, but I was wondering if there was a timeframe upon rescuing him that it’s best to start specifically focusing on this. He’s been w me for two month. Never aggressive towards me, my kids, or people in my house. It’s mostly strangers who approach. I tell them all not to pet him, but pp are morons…. No food aggression, biddable dog otherwise. Dobe/lab mix, I think. Was told it was dobe gsd mix, but I don’t see it. His actions tell me he thinks he’s my security….

My dog has some real issues with separation anxiety when I leave him. It doesn’t happen often, as I work from home, but I do have to leave sometimes, obviously. Crate area is covered in saliva when I come home, he barks, won’t eat, drink, or play with anything till I come home. Once jumped out a window, through the screen, when I left him (stupidly) upon adoption. Sitting on the front porch when I got home. Help!!

Frank V

I am limited on places for my 8mo Aussie to run but have a “dog park” a block from where I live I let her run when nobody is there or on an empty side, it has 2 sections my question is what’s your feelings about socializing with other dogs thru the fence? Until she is trained with an E Collar like I said she’s limited on a place to cut loose and run. I’m plugging away training from your videos and love them. Slow and steady wins the race. Take care and Thanks for all you do.

Charles S

I accidentally fed my 1-year-old dog, Deema first, before feeding the older Pom. I’ll never make that mistake again. Deema totally surprised me, knocking Ace’s (Pomeranian) food all over and getting a chunk out of my arm. Besides never feeding the younger first, (my wife is p!ssed she bit me, I’m more in shock), how should I handle it from here?

Tommy A

Pekka is a 70+ pound husky a mix of Norwegian long distance racing dogs on his mother’s side and his father is from Iditarod and Yukon quest champion Lance Mackey. 

Pekka Is a hard and proud dog not a dog you can just order around. 

Many people ask me why I want a dog like this. 

My answer is if you don’t understand it I can’t explain it. 

He has saved my skin more than once. 

He always have my back, against difficult dogs or potentially dangerous animals. 

He just need to be treated with respect just like a good friend. 

It seems to me dogs like this is becoming more and more unwanted. 



Hi Robert – thank you so much for your brilliant training videos. I’m trying to re-train my 4 year old vizsla bitch. I’d very much like to use a table for the sit, down, stand commands as you do, but the problem is my bitch seems afraid to get up on the raised platform. I’m using an inverted plastic crate that sits about 18” off the ground. Any ideas? Thanks a million. Paul


Hey Robert! It’s Dallas again. Learning a lot from your videos. I have a clarifying question. I noticed with Karl’s training and Sonny’s that you were making the point of having leash corrections at a distance, with a long line, so that the correction wouldn’t be personal. But in other videos, you will correct a dog closer to you with a shorter leash. What are the reasons for the differences? My assumption is that it has to do with the age of the dog, the relationship with the owner, and what the dog knows, but was wondering if you could speak to that difference. Thanks!

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