Member Questions 9-4-23

Mattias N

Hi! I have a female GSD 2y now. 

She has been reactive but I have learned and she understand how to behave in most situations. 

I have started to look at a second GSD (male). I understand that the training is done best with one GSD at the time. 

The obedience is good on our current GSD. I have been on multiple training sessions (nose work, obedience and competition obedience (first level). 

My question is: Will our dog have any benefit from another GSD friend in our house ? Will they play and have fun together or will they be two individuals without any connection? 

Lina T

Hi Robert & Janet. I’m working on transitioning Harpo(GSD, 6yo) from the prong to the Camillion PT3000. Currently I use the special leash with 2 clasps, one for the prong and the other regular collar as backup. How can I set a backup collar with the e collar? It doesn’t come with a ring for a leash. Can I use the prong for backup? Just in case the e-collar fails me, I want a backup. What would you suggest? Thank you for sharing your expertise and all your lessons. I thoroughly enjoy your videos; I always learn something new!

Also – Does one have to have a license for a service dog? I was told that license is unnecessary. Thank you! Your videos are awesome!

Sean D

Hi Robert, what are your thoughts on NePoPo negative positive positive training techniques sorry if this has been asked before.


Hi Robert, at times my 3 y/old Amstaff can go 0-60 in his excitement level with people. Other times he’s super calm and will sit and let kids and people pet him. I love that he’s social and friendly but he needs to learn how to contain his excitement consistently and in all environments. What exercises would you suggest I do with him daily to work on this? I can take him to stores, parks, friends houses etc to practice any suggestions you have. Thank you!

Mark C

Good morning Robert the best thing that I have done as regards Enzo was to sign up as a member of your training school. Thank you for all the great lessons and Enzo is improving weekly. Just a quick question, he tends to lag on formal heelwork while not doing so when I free him up for our 2 times daily walk (let’s go). Any suggestions would be appreciated. What time (EST) do you answer such question as I am 6 hours ahead (South Africa). Best regards Mark.

Yerangel S

Hi Robert! I hope you are having a good day! My wife and I have seen that you have personally trained other dogs in some of your video lessons and we are very interested in training our dog with you to see what can we improve and if we are doing it properly. We have been luring and shaping our dog’s sit, down, wait, come, and heel for the past two to three weeks now. He is 9 weeks old. We were wondering what would be the rates for training with you and your availability. Ware from Puerto Rico and are willing to travel if training is available. I humbly thank you for your time and attention!

Melisha B

My 12 month old mixed breed COMES great on a leash. He also comes 80% of the time off leash at home in the yard. Since he is an outside dog he is frequently off leash in the yard (thanks to wireless fence). When he decides he “doesn’t want to come” and he is off leash he runs around me or looks away or ignores me if he is fixated on something. How do I stop the game and not reinforce a bad habit when I’ve worked so hard on the good habit. I’m still training on long line but off leash is common in my yard. Thanks for your website! I’ve learned so much.


Hi Robert,could you help me Learn how to solve a frightening problem? We have trained our dog to sit and stay when we open the front door. He will without failure, but if we forget to do that,when the door opens he bolts.He will completely disregard us when trying to recall him but will go to ANY stranger who offers themself. why will he go to them and not us? I’ve followed your training, especially the ones on recall using the Long line and stepping on it if he blast by,sort of a different scenario though. He will do the same if he gets off leash. He’s figured out how to escape a slip leash.


A week ago I was knocked down by 3 off lead/uncontrolled dogs and have a bad wrist fracture on my dominant hand (owner didn’t stop to help) I’ve now bought a bodycam to wear when out. 

My Malinois was unharmed and remained at my side throughout. I’m restricted in walking her so have upped scent work at home, teaching her passive indications. Today I taught her the bang/play dead lesson which she’s picked up fast. Are you planning on adding any more trick lessons? Or do you have any other ideas to keep her mind satiated while I recoup? She’a 9 and a retired military working dog, thank you!


Please advise on how to choose a prong collar . Herm Sprenger. GSD 80 lbs, very thick neck coat. Thank you.

Robert P

Hi! My 5 month old border collie barks in crate when left alone. We haven’t been going to him when he does this, only when he calms down, but it has been taking longer and longer for him to calm down. Any help and advice would be much appreciated! Thank you for your advice on my last ask me anything, going well with our older Yorkie!


I have a 20 mo. old male Toller, trying to get him to swim. Took him to a calm lake and played fetch on the beach. He readily walks into the water to retreive, but only up to his chest. I have carried him into deeper water, with his life vest on, and shown him there is nothing to fear. He relaxes in my arms and does swim back to shore. Once while he was on the beach, a boat created a small size wake that broke on the beach and he immediately turned to flee in fear. I took him back the next day, it was calm again, and he ok. Need help regarding the fear and any other tips for swimming.


My mal is 2.5 years and neutered. He is great with other dogs without us in the picture but has become people aggressive when with us. Recently for several months (once a week) we had a trainer just play ball with him and he was fine but recently out of nowhere but her as she was close to my hubby and he was drinking water. What went wrong???

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