Member Questions AMA – 2/16/21

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Video is at the bottom of this post.

All questions and are copied and pasted from the original messages.


My 4 month old puppy is used to his crate but lately barks a lot when there is activity in the room. We ignore it but it does not seem to be getting better. Covering the crate with a blanket helps a bit but not always. We frequently go on walks and do training outside so he has enough movement and potty breaks. Is there something we can do against the barking or do we have to power through with the ignoring until he learns that barking will get him nothing?

Peter J

My 5 month old male gsd is showing signs of dominance. We are working on this issue with a local trainer. Someone said that once neutered his balance should improve. While I don’t plan on breeding him, I’m not clear on pros and cons of neutering. What should I consider?

Cindy O

Cindy and Sprinkles, I want to say , Thank you for all your help and advice. I and Sprinkles went to see a trainer where we live. He trains dogs for protection and police work. He did pops on the leash that made Sprinkle listen to him. He also showed me a E collar. to help me give corrections that Sprinkles will understand. My question is when she is in pray drive I have to stem until she listens. This is a lot stronger than what I use for simple obedience. Is it wrong?


Hey, I am currently a full time firefighter, but I’ve really been wanting to become a full time dog trainer, whether it be obedience or protection? What are some possible routes as a civilian? Apprenticeships? Schools?


Hey Robert, my 15m old gsd has adopted an odd habit lately when playing fetch. On his way back with the ball, just before he gets to me he turns to my right about 30 degrees and pops the ball out of his mouth then just stands there waiting on me to pick it up. I cue him to bring it to me and he will often wait a couple seconds before doing so. Im very reluctant to ever call a dog stubborn, and he is quite obedient so I don’t want to be the fun police, but I’m not sure whether to address it or not


When left alone, my 2 year old Black Mouth Cur will go out of his way to get things he normally doesn’t get when we’re home and rip them to pieces. Unfortunately, my husband and I work 8 hour days so crating him all day is not an option. He has a doggie door he uses while we are gone and we block off as many rooms to the house as we can. I wonder if this is an example of separation anxiety and if so, what are some things we can do to help ease his anxiety?

Laura R

Hi Robert, the breeder I have been talking to since October 2020 finally decided to see if there is a dog for me in the next litter. He mentioned something about giving me a “red” GSD. I’m a bit skeptical since I’ve yet to see the parents (not seeing the parents is not an option), is red and black a normal color for GSDs? I’m beginning to wonder if I should look for another breeder. Thanks, all the best from Italy!


Hi Robert, my Cane corso (2 months) is instinctively barking at people and then coming at me as if she was protecting me. Given that Cane corsos are guard dogs, I would like to ask for your help as to how to respond to that. I want her to maintain her instinct and at the same time I don’t want her to bark at people if not necessary. Since she is still in the lourying phase, I am wondering whether a correction is already in place in my situation? Thank you and best regards,


Hello Robert, For my 3-4 month malinois, I want him to be a friendly dog. There are some people that he chooses to want and there are some others he doesn’t want, every weekend we go to malls/parks so that he would be familiar with lots of people. I usually give him a correction/pop or grab with the scruff of their neck if he growls or act a little aggression towards other people. Especially kids. Is it alright to give him these lots of corrections at this age?

Joanna S

I want to get an e-collar for Blue (she is 1 year old Mal mix), on your website I see 2 Easy Educator models and a Garmin model, but in some previous AME you said that Garmin made some changes and you don’t like it anymore. Can you confirm what model is best to get? Thank you for all you do, it helped us raise our girl!

Jim S

I adopted Libby six months ago. She is a 2 1/2 yo female Maligator. One of her areas for improvement is chewing. On furniture, pillows, etc. I scold her, kennel time but to no avail. Help! Chewless in Chattanooga (actually Memphis but Chatt sounds better)

Michael F

Robert, my female german shepherd is doing well with the training “mastering the basics” my male is being a little trickier as he is not driven by treats so i have to get some real good treats for him to respond but it is effective. One thing you mentioned a lot of owners do is give their dogs too much freedom indoors right away (thats me) so im letting them inside but kenneling them and then putting them back outside. What time increments should i do this for and for how long (weeks, months)?

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