Member Questions AMA – 2/19/21

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Video is at the bottom of this post.

All questions and are copied and pasted from the original messages.


I had a trainer tell me to never let anyone pet my dog. I have a 100 pound Bully who has never shown human aggression (only playful jumping/mouthing as a pup) 90% of the time I focus on explaining to people not to pet or talk to my dog. Lately he has been doing awesome around my friends. Is it okay to let them give a pet when he is calm? the dog groomer at the salon was petting him and he loved it. If he is excited I always explain to people to give us space


Just watched the words, commands and intonations video. Great video! Will you do more training for the handler videos? I have been a member and training my dog for a year now & wish I seen this sooner. Most of my failures come from me. verbal cue, body language & position, timing of treats & cues, the mechanics of the leash pop, my mind set and so much more I as a handler need to know and PRACTICE. Before experimenting on my dog. I practice delivery treats. Now I will practice verbal cues before training


Hi Robert. We got our GSD when 6 months old. He loved to fetch the ball and we played it a lot. He also got to go to our North Dakota countryside and we taught him to be our bird-hunting dog. He’s great at it and we take him out to hone his skills nearly everyday. Our dog is now 1 year old and seems bored with playing ball as if he’d grown out of it and is more interested in just being our hunting dog. Do you think this is the case?


Hey Robert! My 8 month old Mal pup hates his crate (I think). Sometimes he goes in willingly but he has become aggressive after playing/training outside when it’s time to come in and lie down. He snarls and bites us when we take his prong off (we’re careful to make sure it doesn’t hurt him when removing it). We’ve tried hiding treats in there for him to find and rewarding him every time he goes in but nothing has worked. Is there a way we can recondition him to enjoy his crate/stop biting?


My 6 month old shepherd/husky cross jumps at me, biting. You say biting is normal and I get that. When we are on walks she jumps at me and grabs onto my arm, hand whatever she can get her mouth around, to the point that it hurts (and I have a winter jacket and leather gloves on). I try standing on her leash, which is fine when we are still. How do I get her to stop lunging at me when we start to walk?


Hi Robert, I would like to understand what should be the idea of structure of dogs barking, I have a 4 month old malinois and 7 month old maltese/spitz mix. They usually bark if someone is at the gate like food delivery and the like, and i correct them for doing that unless someone comes in uninvited. The question is when is the right time for dogs to bark? (my malinois rarely barks now because he gets corrected for doing that, now its hard to teach him speak)


My wife took our 4 and a half month old boxer puppy to the vet today. The vet tech told her our dog doesn’t like to be restrained and we need to work on that. How would I work on that if I even should at his age? Usually I get him to come or listen to me with positive things(praise/treats). All other previous vet visits were fine. My assumption is this happened when he was being microchipped.


A bulldog came running toward my GSD and locked a bite on his ear. We JUST touched the sidewalk in front of our house and I didn’t react quickly. I picked the bulldog up from his collar until he let go of my GSD and calmed down. I am SO lucky the bulldog was friendly to people but I could’ve gotten bit if he was aggressive or without a collar. This is our 3rd loose dog attack in 6 months and it’s ridiculous! How can this be better handled? I feel like a loose-dog magnet and worry for my pups.


I do my training with my dogs in my backyard which is a good controlled environment and has a good amount of distractions (dogs barking, people talking, etc.) My 2Y male GSD isn’t driven by treats all that much. For example if I give a command and the neighbor’s dog is barking, he’ll ignore the treats for a while until I give a few corrections on his martingale collar. You mentioned the E collar is the icing on the cake but would it be wrong to introduce it now to help get his attention on me?

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