Member Q&A – 3/30/21

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Today’s Member AMA Questions. See you tomorrow in the LIVE!


Hello Robert- in regards to the Ultimate Ecollar Hack, do you have experience in how adding additional contact points or prong collar would effect the stim in water? I am thinking that more metal exposed to water would yield a much smaller stim being transferred to the dog in water.

Steve B

In your training system does the marker YES release the dog from the command or just let her know she did something you like and a reward is coming? Should YES really mean the same thing as FREE or BREAK?


If I use a toy and build focus with my dog on a long line around other dogs . Will that help with leash reactivity because my cattle dog focuses better with toys

Jamie S

We have a female GSD (Allie) that will be turning 1 on 4/16/21. She’s our first big breed, we have 2 other (8 & 10 lb) senior dogs that are homebodies, enjoy cuddles, lovins & are spoiled. I work for the school district so I have summers off so I’d have time to train a pup. Allie is well trained, she can sit, stay, lay, shake, come but we are still working on her anxiety while in the car. Would it be to soon to bring in a male GSD/8 week pup, to have someone for her to play with? Your thoughts?


Elle is our 10 month old cane corso/lab with a high prey drive

On a 30ft lead I can sit her, walk away, wave the frisbee, release her and she comes full speed

I can stop her with a down command- then I toss the frisbee.

Question? She attacks the frisbee but gives it up after 2-3 leave it commands……Should I allow her to control the frisbee, even though she obeyed the down command?

Even after I tell her to leave it, I still have to grab it before she will release it


Hi, I recently introduced my 6 mo old cane corso pup to an e collar on the vibration mode. I am using a command she is familiar with (going to her bed) however saying the command and hitting the button for vibration just triggers her to look around for the sound and then start zooming around like a maniac. Is there something I should do differently or do some dogs just not do well on an e collar?


Hey Robert – Regarding the E-Collar. I know I should not be using the herm sprenger collar and E-Collar at the same time but is it ok if I continue to use the herm sprenger when not utilizing the E-Collar? Or once I start with the e-collar I should continue to make it my only form of correction?


Hi Robert,

Considering getting another dog

-Should I train the 2nd dog with commands in another language to not confuse the 1st?

-Would the 2nd dog learn faster through imitation of the 1st dog?



Hi Robert. My 6 month old pitbull recently started lunging at cars. I tried redirecting her attention but when a car goes by she has absolutely ignored toys and treats. Otherwise she is very obedient and is progressing well with training (thanks to your lessons). We have an e-collar and she normally needs very little correction. Is it ok to use an e-collar to stop her from chasing cars? If yes- how? Thank you!


Hi Robert! Is playing lots of fetch counterproductive for training prey drive? My border collie X loves to run and we play fetch every day but I am also training his drive around small animals. Am I shooting myself in the foot with bringing up his drive through fetch?


Hey, quick question on treats. Do you use treats to teach hold? Is a 5 month puppy too young to start on it?

Also, is it okay to still treat abundantly during training sessions as my puppy loves it and gets all hyped up for the session. I don’t treat after every command and can get her to do anything without a treat still. Thanks.


Hey Robert, I started using a prong collar with my 8 month Cocker spaniel. I watched your video and trained him to go with the leash pressure first. He immediately started making decisions to execute all obedience commands with hardly any resistance. Question is how often should I use this collar (for training and a walk-a-day)? Also, the way he behaves on the prong collar, will that transfer eventually to the flat collar so I can decrease its usage? Thanks!

Matt and Jean

10 week old GSD Puppy. She starts acting out of control and refusing to listen or obey, which has begun to happen at the end of every exercise or training session. We’re having some issues with biting — actual, aggressive biting, not just mouthing and nipping — when we try to correct her. None of it appears to be fear-based; she just doesn’t like being told what to do, which is very concerning. Another issue we’re having is that she’s overly fixated on food and treats. She screams and whines and carries on while my husband prepares her meals, and when training, if she thinks she’s done the thing to earn the treat but I correct or try to reset her (she’s very prone to anticipating commands and offering behaviors), she’ll lunge and grab at my hand or jump up and try to take it. Over the last week she’s become less focused on learning and more fixated on getting the treat at all costs — which is usually what leads to the aggressive behavior that lands her back in the crate.


18 months old. He is a Havanese. He loves to play games. Now, I just found out not to play chase with my dog; where I chase him. No one, no one has ever ever told me not to play chase with my dog, where I chase him. My question is how do I “de-learn / unlearn” that mistake. I am so upset that I have made this mistake. Gandalf’s recall is Null when he sees something exciting like another dog or anything walking like a clown and he is very, very easily distracted.


Hi, I am training my friend’s 6 month old German Shepherds and the male has been a cakewalk but for some reason the female gsd wants nothing to do with training. The slightest tug of the leash or verbal correction will make her just lie down and pout. If I let her off leash she’ll just run to the door and once we go inside she’ll run to her crate. The only command she likes doing is recall and only if I’m running away from her. I’ve trained many dogs In my lifetime but I am stumped on this one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Michele G

I’ve read that puppies should walk no more than 10 min + 1 minute for every week old. But, my husky puppy (10 weeks) does better mentally, behaviorally, and energy wise with at least 30 minutes. Is there an issue physically with walking her that long at an early age? Or, are there other activities I can do to tap into her energy level and reduce harm to growth?

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